Drs Coogan and Hawke ‘job-share’ their practice by alternating the week in which they consult. However, unlike obstetrics, Drs Coogan and Hawke generally do not share care for gynaecology patients as these issues and procedures can usually be planned during normal working hours for the week that each doctor is scheduled to be at work. However, in the case of an emergency, Drs Coogan and Hawke may review each other’s patients.

The practice is predominantly obstetric (caring for pregnant women) but both Drs Coogan and Hawke have the skill to review and care for women with common gynaecological issues including:

  • contraceptive advice
  • menstrual disorders/abnormal bleeding patterns
  • pelvic or period pain
  • abnormal cervical screening tests/pap smears requiring colposcopy and treatment
  • pre-pregnancy planning
  • menopause symptoms or problems
  • fertility problems/investigations, although NOT fertility treatment

Making a First Gynaecology Appointment

  • Please telephone the practice to book your first appointment with one of our receptionists on (02) 9650 4050.
  • An information letter will be emailed or sent to you once booking is confirmed - please read and familiarise yourself with what will be needed for your appointment.
  • The option of an online registration link will also be provided.
  • SMS confirmation of your appointment will be sent 1-2 working days prior to the day of your appointment.
  • Please let us know of a cancellation or appointment change as soon as possible so it can be allocated to another patient.

Attending Gynaecological Appointments

  • Here is what you need to bring with you or have sent in advance:
    • A referral letter from your referring doctor
    • All recent tests/investigations relevant to reason you are attending for consultation
    • Your most recent pap smear/cervical screening test (CST) results
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first appointment time to complete appropriate registration and paperwork.
  • Your partner or support person is always welcome at any consultations.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of obstetrics, we may not always be running strictly to time. Feel free to contact our secretary, one to two hours prior to your appointment to confirm whether we are running to time. If any significant time delay is anticipated with your appointment, our secretary will contact you.
  • Please let us know of a cancellation or appointment change as soon as possible so it can be allocated to another patient.
  • Payment is required at the time of consultation.

Hospital admission for Gynaecology

  • If you require admission to hospital or an operative procedure, Drs Coogan and Hawke have admitting rights and access to:
    • a weekly operating list at The Royal Hospital for Women
    • a fortnightly operating list and access upon request at Prince of Wales Private Hospital
  • We will provide booking information/process and estimate of operative fees at consultation.
  • You will be given information at your first consultation with regards to out-of-hours emergency contact details.


This is an outline of the most frequently used gynaecology outpatient fees for this practice but does NOT include fee estimates for:

  • All outpatient gynaecological fees
  • Any inpatient gynaecological fees
  • Any other consultations with a private specialist/health care provider
  • Inpatient services if a procedure is needed e.g. Hospital accommodation, Anaesthetist, Surgical assistant
  • Any other service provider e.g. ultrasounds, pathology tests, etc.

Gynaecological Outpatient Fees 1/03/2024

DescriptionMedicare Item NoOur fee
Standard Medicare Rebate
Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) Rebate*
Approximate ‘out of pocket’ expense
(if EMSN threshold reached)
Initial Consultation 104 375 81.30 234.96 59
Follow up Consultation 105 250 40.85 144.15 65
Insertion of Copper or Progestogen IUCD (Intrauterine Contraceptive Device) 35503 200 75.05 99.96 25
Cost of Copper IUCD - 150 0 0 150
Cost of the Copper IUCD may attract a rebate through your health fund. You will need to contact your health fund to ascertain your entitlements.
Colposcopy 35614 250 59.80 152.16 38
Cervical Biopsy 35608 200 59.85 112.12 28

*Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) Rebate

  • At present if you have registered for EMSN, you will receive the extra safety net rebate on outpatient services once you are over your threshold ($2544.30 per single/family) in a calendar year.
  • After the EMSN threshold is reached, all Medicare rebatable fees for ANY outpatient services with ANY provider will attract the EMSN rebate + the Standard Medicare Rebate for the remainder of the calendar year.